EyeVeri: A Secure and Usable Approach for Smartphone User Authentication


As mobile technology grows rapidly, the smartphone has become indispensable for transmitting private user data, storing the sensitive corporate files, and conducting secure payment transactions. However, with mobile security research lagging, smartphones are extremely vulnerable to unauthenticated access. In this paper, we present, EyeVeri, a novel eye-movement-based authentication system for smartphone security protection. Specifically, EyeVeri tracks human eye movement through the built-in front camera and applies the signal processing and pattern matching techniques to explore volitional and non-volitional gaze patterns for access authentication. Through a comprehensive user study, EyeVeri performs well and is a promising approach for smartphone user authentication. We also discuss the evaluation results in-depth and analyze opportunities for future work.

In The 35th Annual IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications
San Francisco, California, USA